Re: Illumination and lies

From: Roderick Robertson <rjremr_at_SyJH99rpqDhpA7BcQxtanyhOI_nAFejc8JcvDWvhFKu8gToD-4AKBISOXnulb08tRadHu>
Date: Mon, 30 Jun 2008 22:58:57 -0000

> Is there a way to get a spy / double agent into a divine cult?

Simple answer to the whole message: No. While you *might* fool the humans involved in the cult, you can't fool the god (Goddess, Deva, Devine Being, Immortal, call it what you will. "God" will do for now).

Theist worship, at the Initiate and especially Devotee level (or Lunar equivalents), is all about the connection between the worshipper and the god. You simply *can't* lie to the god about your faith and devotion.

What you *can* do is deceive the humans in the cult, and make changes to the worship services (with plenty of heroquesting to prove your point of view is "correct") so that you subvert the worship of the god without actually calling on the God you purport to worship.  

> Would he be able to become a priest...

> Could he make his way up to High Priest of the central IO temple of
> whole Lunar Empire, still being a true LM at heart?

No, no and no.

> Wouldn´t the gods themselves interfere?

At the very least the rest of the cult leadership would get stern notes in their dreams from IO, and probably services would get very hard to perform satisfactorily.  

> Me seems that the nature of magic, myth, and religion in glorantha
> allow such things to go very far...

You seems correctly.  

> Or is illumination here also the point?

Nysaloran Illumination (Cults of Terror) might allow something like this, but probably not on such scale. Lunar Illumination (ILH2) wouldn't.


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