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>Is there any way to tell a lie in Glorantha and not be detected by a
>Detect Lie spell or power?

>Illumination maybe?

Nysaloran Illumination only protected you against reprisals from your own god and not general immunity to any sort of magic. Hence an illuminate's lies will still be magically detectable.

Specific ways of avoiding lie detection might be:

  1. Using Illusion Magic to create a temporary reality which changes the meaning of uttered words so that they are literally true (in other words, if a hero was to say "the Sky is Green", then the illusion magic has transformed the word green into referring to a blue colour.
  2. Equivocation - perhaps invented by Borists. Rather than say the entire statement out aloud, you utter only certain parts and speak the rest of your statement in your own mind or to God. So if a hero were asked you have participated in the Boristi rites, he could answer "No, I have never participated in [the] Boristi rites [at Hrelar Amali]" in which the bracketed portions are the parts of the statements that he speaks secretly. If however the magic being used is a mind-reading spell or an intent to deceive spell, then the equivocator is out of luck and hard-pressed to equivocate himself into Solace...
  3. Common magic cantrips - this is the gloranthan equivalent of saying something when you had your fingers crossed behind your back.

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