Re: Blood Over Gold

From: David <daveolloyd_at_15h6lX5Ti-fv4qhbLXq-oCfPrskzLhP2yQlbX2j8UiuS-EnJ-WTuemHpBRe8vCfut>
Date: Tue, 01 Jul 2008 13:47:02 -0000


I believe that the status of the hard copies of Blood over Gold is one of the great mysteries of Glorantha, along with Androgeous, Charg, and the Egg of Erangalos Karastomabor.

On the bright side, History of the Heortling Peoples (which was supposed to be printed by the same company as Blood over Gold) is now listed as available, so maybe someday soon . . .


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