Re: Illumination and lies

From: Jeff Richard <richaje_at_tPcjFFL_78RYke-onBRCSeRC76HsjuZYa3k3Z4aPC1-D0cKj8Tyf_XSxIIe6Y8NhjTpC>
Date: Wed, 02 Jul 2008 07:24:05 -0000

> I also note that worshipping Lhankor Mhy is not the same as
> joining the Storm Tribe. Lhankor was a son of Mostal and
> so has an existence outside the Storm Tribe. Ergo it should
> be possible to worship him without being an Orlanthi.

It is possible to worship Lhankor Mhy or initiate to him outside of the Storm Tribe - but probably not in Orlanthi lands (I imagine that is something you'd see in cities with lots of foreigners like Nochet, or in Umathela). In places like Pavis or Jonstown, foreigners are not going to be able to participate in LM's secret mysteries without serious testing and other folk vouching for them.


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