Re: Illumination and lies

From: Jeff Richard <richaje_at_W-2ze3TD1NTsBj7q0GhlJKsWx_gYTNZpBEUhoH2yRRy9YIvxgT9XQHRUhEf60gLkG85x>
Date: Wed, 02 Jul 2008 17:18:49 -0000

> Apparently My G does V.

As it will!

> But they're able to avoid detection as chaotic aren't they? That would
> seem to be crucial to infiltration... the ability to conceal your true
> nature. Sure they're only fooling the rubes (worshippers in the Middle
> World) and not the god him/herself, but if the secret to this kind of
> thing were to be found somewhere outside Lunar Illumination, then it
> would seem to be here. Then again there's that whole Krarshti thing
> about infiltration and assassination...

Cacodemon worshipers have the ability to mask their form to conceal themselves when they are around food. They do not have the ability to conceal their nature from the gods if they are foolish enough to enter the sacred rituals and ceremonies.

Same thing with the Krarshti - they have abilities to disguise themselves amongst normal mortals, but that will not protect them from the gods if the Krarshti are stupid enough to enter the gods home!

> > Arkat was always a passionate devotee of whatever he was devoted to.
> > He just remembered everything he learned from his previous devotion.
> Remembered? Or "was able to use"? If he could still wield those powers
> after his devotion to them ended, then he was accomplishing something
> held previously (in this thread) to be impossible. And if he merely
> remembered the myths, he could exploit them via heroquesting (kind of
> like the GL did).

Keep in mind that Arkat was likely an illuminate of sorts - and could do things that few other Gloranthans could. Frex, he may have been truly illuminated and so could be a devotee of one god and switch to another without penalty. He might not be able to do the feats of his previous god, but still might possess powerful runic affinities. And of course he still knew his wizardry.

> > Not the slightest bit of Lokomoko, who never tried to pretend to be
> > anything other than what he claimed he was - the greatest Storm
> > cultist in the world.
> But he was able to hide/conceal that conceit from Orlanth for quite a
> long time it seems.

Nothing to hide or conceal. On at least one way of looking at it, Lokomoko was Orlanth - who had been duped by Nysalor. And then got killed by Vargast Redhand.



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