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From: Jeff Richard <richaje_at_IcGEM5fv3ZUNZTeU1ahSqiRFQFCbbTl589MhvaqZwC0yMHuiF_p9EnPaJRsec_HXP6jD>
Date: Fri, 04 Jul 2008 11:30:34 -0000

> I have read the brief but interesting article you mention, but could
> you ellaborate a bit more on the situation in Pavis, please? In "River
> of Cradles" and "Strangers in Prax" there are conflicting pieces of
> information: first it is said that the Orlanth temple is permanently
> closed by the Lunars, but then you have the Air Temple with Krogar,
> Faltikus, and even a Coder-related scenario within it...
> So what is exactly the situation of Orlanthi worship in Pavis?

Funny you should ask - I was just jotting down notes on the Pavis Air Temple for Pavis: Gateway to Glorantha. The short story is that Orlanth worship is permitted in the Pavis Air Temple under the leadership of the priest Faltikus - who is known to enjoy the favor and support of General Sor-Eel. However, Faltikus does not have the sacred regalia of the temple (which means that he cannot call upon the guardian wyter of the temple). Not all the Orlanth priests see eye to eye with Faltikus, although Frekor the priest is strongly supportive, Faltikus is widely known to have problems with the powerful devotee (and fellow priest) Krogar Wolfhelm and the influential priest Govoran the Magnificient (kinsman of Byrgga Scissortongue).

For more than that, you will just have to wait....


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