Re: What is the Third Age History of the Sun Dome Temple in Sartar?

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> > Greg and I posted a short history of the Sun Dome Temple in
> > Sartar to the website:
> >
> >
> Thanks! This was a nice piece of information and a clarifying read.
> Further questions:
> 1) What were the Kitori? We now know what they were NOT, but I'm after
> positive descriptions. For example, if they were Men, but of Darkness,
> how did these Runes/elements manifest in them - in what way was this
> manifestation different from Uz?

Lots on the Kitori in both the History of the Heortling People and the Esrolia Book. Here is a strange little essay from the Esrolia Book about the Kitori at the Dawn:

"In the Darkness, we were all Kitori. The Kitori thrived in the Unity Council days. The term "Kitori" was used broadly in the Silver Age and in the Dawn Age. The Heortling king was often called King of the Kitori, though in accuracy he was a King Among the Kitori. For many people the Kitori were synonymous with the Unity Council.

During the period of the High Council of the Lands of Genertela, the Kitori were increasingly associated with just Kethaela and the Heortling kings were rarely called "Kitori".

Following the Battle of Night and Day and the Bright Empire's conquest of Kethaela, the surviving supporters of the old Unity Council fled into the dark corners of the world. With the arrival of Arkat, these Kitori flocked to Arkat - but this time as a distinct people: the Kitori. They served Arkat and many of them learned the mysteries he taught. But they were no longer synonymous with the Heortlings or the Esrolians or the other peoples of Kethaela and Kerofinela. And with the Tax Revolt, they were dismissed from Ezkankekko's service and once again forced to seek shelter in the shadow."

> 2) There's a city called Kitor in Carmania, and a Kitori demon is
> known to have defeated a Praxian army during the Hero Wars. Are these
> somehow connected to the Kitori of Troll Woods, or are the names
> merely coincidence?

No connection at all. Just like there was no real connection between Caucasian Iberia and the Iberian Peninsula.


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