Re: What is the Third Age History of the Sun Dome Temple in Sartar?

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Date: Sat, 05 Jul 2008 09:18:01 -0000

Thanks, Greg and Jeff.

While this is not clarifying in the sense I've accustomed to understand "clarity", it's definitely Gloranthan, and very evocative.

> > 2) There's a city called Kitor in Carmania, and a Kitori demon
> > is known to have defeated a Praxian army during the Hero Wars.
> > Are these somehow connected to the Kitori of Troll Woods, or
> > are the names merely coincidence?

Jeff Richard:
> No connection at all. Just like there was no real connection
> between Caucasian Iberia and the Iberian Peninsula.

Other than both Iberias are Greek names, given to the people/kingdoms thus described. But of course, giving a similar name doesn't connect the two in any way. Like the Pictae (Caledonian Picts) and Pictones (in Gallia) were not the same, other than both probably had tattoos to an extent that drew the Romans' attention. So, there was some sort of "real" connection, even if a weak one.

I can see a Lunar provincial who knows both Carmania and Heortland to draw connections between the City of Kitor and the Kitori of the Troll Woods. With the Lunar way of constructive heroquesting, they may actually find/form such a link for real. ;-)


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