Re: Exclusive Worship

From: Roderick Robertson <rjremr_at_teeuIn96kxIhsqhwC2tSIGw_d1oWpFsXkPEILCfhhE6E8ui-zfZc1qKBMcTgfa8PiHh7l>
Date: Sat, 05 Jul 2008 17:07:45 -0000

> By the way, this priest you mention appears here:
> Is this info still "official"? Because it says that F. "embraced the
> Lunar way", I mean.

The writeup doesn't say *Faltikus* embraced the Lunar Way, it says The Rat (alias Frekor Firmfarer) did. Faltikus is described as "the Lunar puppet Orlanth priest, Faltikus the Good".

"Puppet" in political terms usually indicates that a person is a member of the culture/country(or, in this case, religious), so that people can feel good that they are ruled by "one of their own" rather than an "invader", but the puppet takes his orders from the "invader". In this case Faltikus is still a Priest of Orlanth, but he gets his orders from the Lunars. In the current version of the Heortling faith, that probably means that he leads worship for Orlanth Allfather but not Adventurous, and probably not Storm.

Finally, I can say (as one who worked on fan contributions) that all those herobands on in the "Fan" and "Tribes" section of were never official, they are all considered "fan work" (even if Greg helped with 'em). That doesn't mean that some of that material didn't later become "official" by being integrated into a published book, of course.

"Official" in Issaries terms meant "published in one of the HW/HQ books". (How Rick wants to define "official" is up to him).


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