Re: Buildings of Western Peloria

From: Jeff Richard <richaje_at_unnBpOq5ylFFRLnHPtYWOpvXW__bunSZKdDJZM27m4WNN7zlUj5uFj6WcOuJyJrp1LDQ>
Date: Sun, 06 Jul 2008 18:30:56 -0000

> > What are the buildings of western Peloria, specifically the Oronin
> > Valley (Pelanda), like?
> >
> Greekish.

Colorful buildings with a simple yet harmonious aesthetic style: columns bearing a peaked roof and all embodying the golden ratio. Most buildings were initially wood, but IIRC at some point in the First or Second Age, important buildings were built out of stone.

Pelandan architecture and art has proven to be influential outside of Pelanda and in the late Third Age, you can see examples of the Pelandan style from Fronela to Esrolia. It is extremely influential in the Lunar Provinces, especially in Jillaro, Mirin's Cross and Furthest.

> > Is the climate dry enough for them to have flat
> > roofs and mud brick walls, like the ancient Aegean and Near East?
> >
> No. They get several feet of snow on a normal year.

It is a cold continental climate - warm summers and cold winters.


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