Re: Continuum 2008 July Update 1

From: Adam <Aysez_at_rnaeTWst5MP-rrm4WQmC4z25z80cZoN58czbdAbHw1Df7iJ8ITj9FBljmufhGIDeX9TWaY>
Date: Mon, 07 Jul 2008 21:58:45 -0000

> We are also proud to have available 'Liber Newtus' and 'Shreds of
>Light and Reason', con books exclusive to Continuum and packed full
of >gaming goodness. 'Liber Newtus' is a collection of Newt Newport's
>superb HeroQuest scenarios for Glorantha and Mythic Russia, whilst
>SOLAR deals with the Dara Happan empire of Glorantha and collects
>together old and new material, updated and refined especially for the
>con. Each book is 15 and we are accepting pre-orders. Again, cheques
>or Paypal, and clearly stipulating the titles you want to buy.

Will there be any way for those not attending to get these books?            

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