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Finally some definite facts on the Kitori...

> L C wrote:

>> OK, It's been a while. (Only just crawling back to Glorantha.) >> The Kitori are the infamous "half man/half troll" tribe, right?

> Not exactly. People have throughout history interpreted them to be
> trolls sometimes, and sometimes humans. Sometimes as monsters, or
> even as shades or demons. But in truth, they are none of those.

None of these (in nature), or rather (at times) any of these?

"Esrolia - 10,000" gives their history, starting with human and a couple of other Theyalan survivors taking special studies with the Only Old One (who displays all of these characteristics as well, and possibly some more).

Significantly, the earliest Kitori (darkness masters, not subjects) appear wearing variants of Kimantor's regalia, especially the leaden masks and cloaks.

>> So they are actually a Darkness tribe?

> Yes, they are a darkness tribe.

Are they a separate race of beings? (analogous e.g. to the Alkothi human-shaped demons, or the Gold Wheel Dancers?)

>> (United by this sacred knowledge,
>> rather than by blood.)   

> It is true that humans interact with them, and when it is friendly,
> they appear to be humans in every way. Likewise, when trolls
> interact with them, they appear to be trolls in every way. Their
> respective handling of iron is one of the big factors--as humans,
> they can; as trolls they cannot.

So the shape dictates the abilities, like for certain other magical creatures - a naiad has to change shape away from human(oid) woman to be able to seep through cloth, for instance.

> but the differences go farther than that, such as in reproductive
> activities. A troll mating with a kitori spawns a troll, etc.

Are Kitori matings subject to the Trollkin curse?

And do they "breed true" among themselves, or is there an initiation required to make their descendants (or anyone else who qualifies) a true Kitori (master of Darkness)?

Coming to think of this, do Hsunchen children or babies change shape, and if so, how, how controlled, ...?

> So they do have actual human relatives, and actual uz.

And possibly Dehori demons as well?

Basically, this makes them a superior darkness race (or magical order) compared to dark trolls, and possibly even in comparison to mistress race trolls.

> One more thing--there are creatures/beings that /appear to be/ human
> or troll,

You mean: other than the Kitori?

> and can (with some strong and hard magic) have their "true
> form" revealed. these, applied to the kitori, /prove/ that the
> Kitori are humans or trolls, depending on their intent.

The intent of the tester's magic, or the testee's choice?

The Night Jumpers appear to know a secret that defines their opponents, making them vulnerable to magic that usually would not work.

> Mind you, most people are convinced that the Kitori are trolls and
> humans, both in one tribe.

And they appear to be just that. Does this mean that people may know the same Kitori neighbour independently as a human individual and as a troll individual?

> The above is a "secret," or "higher
> knowledge," or some such. [It is always difficult to present
> information of this nature in a manner to differentiate "in world"
> or "out of world" knowledge.]

Maybe some kind of "what the troll tribe elders hesitate to whisper" document for uz in-world experiences with Kitori matings, a report how the Kitori collect the Shadow Tribute against Hendriki (even Larnsting?) resistance, an Arkat experience, intelligence reports by Palangio or Machine City warriors, tossed together similar to the troll material from the Jonstown library in Troll Gods?            

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