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> Joerg here, once again:
> Greg Stafford:
> >> Let me clarify that question: are
> Kitori-Troll-hybrids subject to
> >> the Trollkin curse? Say a Kitori male in dark
> troll shape mates
> >> with an uzko woman. The children would be
> descended from Kyger
> >> Litor through the mother. How likely will the
> curse strike?
> > None. They are not uz, nor descended from Kyger
> Litor.
> So, from the point of an uz female wanting to beget
> a new generation
> of uz, these children are a complete loss, even if
> they decide not to join the Kitori?

I think so. If they go with their Kyger Litor roots, they will have trollkin. If they abandon that, well, they are not uz anymore.  

> If they don't join the Kitori but choose to become
> trolls, do they
> have to undergo the Kyger Litor rebirth initiation
> to become trolls?

Probably that is the method.  

> If they don't join either, what are they? Incomplete
> Kitori?

children, incomplete beings  

> >> That gives rise to the next question: under what
> conditions and at
> >> which rates do they age? Depending on their
> shape?
> > I do not know of any who have died of old age.
> Does this extend to the Ergeshi slaves of the Sun
> Domers as well?

No. They are not Kitori anymore. They have been "locked in" to new roles.

> >>> The amount of popular misconceptions for any
> race is more vast
> >>> than any true information.
> >> This isn't limited to the Kitori, but to mundane
> things like
> >> cities, roads, or taxes as well, I suppose.

Yes, just like in our world.  

> > Ignorance about most things is widespread, and
> replaced with
> > speculation, etc.
> So, basically the scholars will have experienced a
> lot of bullshit
> data in their researches, and take that into account
> when formulating
> advice. Whether the advisee will let that advice
> take precedence over
> well-settled misconceptions is another matter.

Yes. this is something that is notably absent from most scenarios I've seen, and written for that matter--the prevalence of misinformation. but it makes for frustrating and dead end roleplaying, so the PCs seem to usually get amazingly relevant information. but then, this is a game, intended for fun, not frustration.

> >>> Most people act on misinformation, and so rub
> themselves with fern
> >>> spores to protect them from curses,
> >> <snip impressive list of superstitions>

I got 'em by he million. :)

> Another stab at human-Kitori relations:


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