Re: Secrets of the Darkness

From: Jeff Richard <richaje_at_mqsS7h0ZY_b8jQP-4krvL10ZK6F0QoqMI9vrri40zB2fu4EEt2PRnVlPlFWbcZNIqxth>
Date: Sun, 13 Jul 2008 09:28:18 -0000

> >> That gives rise to the next question: under what conditions and at
> >> which rates do they age? Depending on their shape?
> > I do not know of any who have died of old age.
> Does this extend to the Ergeshi slaves of the Sun Domers as well?

The Ergeshi are by all appearances normal humans - as Greg pointed out they have been set in their form and they have been forced to reject their Kitori heritage.

> Of course, abandoning the useless aged shape might mean that there are
> a lot of ancient, unembodied Kitori shadow demons floating about,
> making things no easier for malevolent neighbours...

There are a lot of VERY DANGEROUS Kitori darkness demons lurking around - beings with enough power to force Palangio the Iron Vrok to flee (and massacre his army) and never return. Most of these beings honor the ancient pacts made by Ezkankekko. However, several of those pacts are rendered null and void as a result of the death of Belintar and the return of the Vingkotling Sword and Helm. Consequently, there will be some very powerful and ancient darkness demons that are no longer bound by the ancient pacts.


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