Re: Cults of Sartar - status report

From: valkoharja <rintasaa_at_l0Rcwqs8RtH9dF1Pk5YJCMp9zB1X9DmQ6AlT9Ri-ADtCmod0F_eNcmHPGFeTJyijCIs>
Date: Thu, 17 Jul 2008 14:40:56 -0000

> There will likely be cult descriptions of Yelmalio and the Seven
> Mothers (among others) in the Pavis Book. Originally, this material
> was going to be in the Pavis Book. But we concluded that dedicating
> over 90+ pages to Sartarite magic and cults required that should be
> its own book.
> Jeff

I'm fascinated. What is the relationship of the new "Cults of Sartar" book and the "Thunder Rebels" and "Storm Tribe" books from the Hero Wars line?


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