Powerful People in Pavis

From: felixtimestwo <felixtimestwo_at_6E0yTwZMqMBvzqLqZVms_v4fuQ0z12mXo_JORXruZIDz1PnsXsaJtoI11XRHf0>
Date: Thu, 17 Jul 2008 18:49:30 -0000


I wonder if anyone can answer this question which has been (slightly) bothering me since the early 1980s, namely...

Who are the 'powerful people' in the double page picture in the 'Powerful People' chapter in the players book (page 70-71 in the Moon Design P&BR compendium)?

I feel a bit stupid for asking, but I certainly can't figure out who they are-not with any degree of certainty anyway..



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