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Date: Fri, 18 Jul 2008 09:50:27 +0200

Hello all

how much important information of "Thunder Rebels" and "Storm Tribe" will NOT be repeated/revised in "Cults of Sartar"?

>From Hero Wars to HeroQuest the Black Horse Troupe info is still missing,
and is only to be found in Hero Wars book.

I hope that with HeroQuest 2 and its supplements, we will not end up needing the out of print infos of the old Hero Wars/HeroQuest books anymore.



> Mikko
> >I'm fascinated. What is the relationship of the new "Cults of Sartar"
> >book and the "Thunder Rebels" and "Storm Tribe" books from the Hero
> >Wars line?
> Jeff can answer for himself, but my view is that the new book is a
> second edition that supersedes the first.
> At the same time, when working on the Glorantha appendix in HeroQuest
> 2, one of my goals was that you could play using those supplements
> while waiting for the new one. They obviously refer to some rules
> structures that don't exist any more, but the myths of Orlanth and
> Ernalda haven't changed. If you have Air magic, you can still find
> sample feats in Thunder Rebels.
> But you'll want the new work.
> --
> David Dunham
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