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Date: Fri, 18 Jul 2008 17:36:14 +0200

Hello all

"Blood Over Gold: Trader Princes of Maniria" is finally widely in destribution! Hurray!

If you like the new setting, and plan a campaign there, you might be insterested in MORE info about that region, or it´s neighboring lands:

TRADETALK # 10 - Wenelia & Ramalia Special
- The South Coast of Genertela - by Marc Willner & Ken Rolston, rewritten
and updated by Peter Metcalfe
- Slontos - by Greg Stafford. Includes a map.

TRADETALK # 11 - Handra & the New Fens
- Legends of Tarinwood - by Shannon Appelcline

TRADETALK # 15 - The Savage West
- The Isle of Girane - by Barry Blatt explores an island south of Pithadros,
and reveales a mix of Malkioni overlords, and degenerated frog-worshippers. Gloranthas Innsmouth anyone!
- Caratan by Stuart Mousir-Harrison goes into the deatils of the Auloring
Nation, in between Pralorela and Handra.
- When Orlanth Got His Feet Wet is an Auloring myth.

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P.S.: Sorry for the "advertising break". ;-)


André Jarosch
Headman (one out of three) of The Chaos Society Editor of Tradetalk            

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