Re: What do people know about Jaldon?

From: Alison Place <alison_place_at_fcb9LJsLAEhomkq0q3P-4CZEk859_krZK1SRTgvim1b1w24K_IhzIVvOqNuBivw>
Date: Sat, 19 Jul 2008 05:16:09 -0700 (PDT)

This, and David's post, remind me of a quest that we accidentally followed. Our miscellaneous bunch (Duke Raus' mercenaries) got caught up in the Eternal Battle. One of our bison showed unexpected initiative and courage, and charged the Avatar of Chaos. Gave him a good headwhack to the knee, as I recall.

After the battle, we checked him out, and noticed a suspiciously rune-like whorl on his forehead. We sought divine guidance. He, we were told, was meant to be the next mount of Jaldon. Problem being, this was a gelding. Jaldon would not be riding a gelding! We had the devil of a time (pun intended) trying to convince a Chalana Arroy priestess that 'Regrow Limb' (with appropriate extra ceremonies due to length of time since amputation) was needed for a mere pack bison.

This was actually one of those classic GM-following-the-players'-lead scenarios. The Eternal Battle was a random encounter, the charge was just thrown in for colour. It wasn't until we specifically asked if there was anything different about this bison that things started to spark for Ian. It was, as many of these are, a lot of fun to run with.

I don't know whether this may give you any usable ideas, but feel free.


I'm writing a quest to 'find Jaldon again' (the tribes of Prax are threatened again and he's needed) and I need 5 allies of his for the heroes to 'meet' in an odd sort of way.


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