Re: Where does 'gyrda' come from?

From: jongjom2003 <JonGJoM_at_A5pFmx311KMnGf5jLSoOt7jECeqz-p5pVngs33_n1Hb_0eGXk1T-2e_f45Ic0NwLQcLg>
Date: Sat, 19 Jul 2008 18:29:26 -0000

Another way to put it...

My LFGS doesn't stock HQ anymore. When RQ came back the (few remaining) Gloranthan fans stopped buying HQ source material in favour of the more accessible RQ.

Not that I'm against HQ, the Stafford Library and other such stuff. It's just don't expect to have any more than a (very) small cohort of fans for inaccessible material. But does this please some?

Hopefully HQII will help to change this.

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