Re: Where does 'gyrda' come from?

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Lawrence Whitaker:

> One of the Mongoose writers, who doesn't know a whole heap about
> Glorantha, was assigned one of the books and sat down with Storm
> Tribe and Thunder Rebels to get a handle on the Orlanthi. Reading
> both almost made him wave the white flag of surrender because the
> sheer level of detail, and a great deal of obscure detail,
> linguistic, cultural and so forth, made the basics so hard to
> assimilate. He perservered, but had a certain feeling that the
> work he did with the Orlanthi wasn't going to be accurate enough, or
> detailed enough, because ST and TR was such a struggle to use and
> get through. In the end he did a really good job, but that didn't
> make the journey any easier.

I'd certainly say that my objective with LotW2 was to make Seshnela easy to understand, even for the novice, while still being interesting. Whether I've succeeded, I obviously don't know (not being a novice), and I'll readily concede that I'd expect LotW1 to be harder going, not least because of its wider scope. But, at any rate, I certainly agree with the objective - jokes about the lexicological exhibitionism of pragmapathic thaumaturges aside.

Out of interest, would you say that Blood Over Gold is approachable? And, for those who have read BoG and the new Pavis thingie, how do they compare in terms of approachability?

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