Re: Where does 'gyrda' come from?

From: Simon Phipp <soltakss_at_3f-NR5wXzDEu38RvfB5QobFBlMfyLMdCdJ4S13VyVHJR-4MUTNwjkbb6VKItuxlD-gR>
Date: Sat, 19 Jul 2008 22:24:38 -0000

> Simon Phipp:
> > In my opinion, there have been far too many arty-farty terms
> > introduced into Glorantha for no discernible reason except,
> > perhaps, to show off the authors' knowledge of obscure language
> > or to show off their ability to create obscure jargon.
> Or simply, because such terms enhance one's experience of
Glorantha. :)

Well, not really. Such terms confuse and alienate more than enhance.

Sure, Gloranthan cultures have different languages, but do we need multiple terms for the same basic idea? I don't think so.

Look at ILH2 which is totally incomprehensible in parts.

How many words for Initiate or Priest do we really need? Sure, many of the terms are subtly different or don't represent exactly the same idea, but too many terms is just downright confusing.

> But yes, that would be arty-farty and elitistic, for those who don't
> share the fun, and for those who try to grasp the basics of the
> setting for the first time. Not having 'gyrda' or 'godi' in the
> forthcoming 'Cults of Sartar' is a wise move.

Those who don't share the fun? Since I am not trying to grasp the basics for the first time, that would refer to me, then?

If someone like me, who has been roleplaying in Glorantha for something like 26 years in some very deep Gloranthan campaigns, finds terms like gyrda and even godi/godar confusing then what hope does someone starting with Glorantha have?

My fun isn't having to wade through loads of terms or to work out which deity does this obscure name mean but to actually roleplay in Glorantha, something I do every week.

> But I find it strange that instead of Alison, John and me figuring
> an answer to the actual question, the debate has become one of for
> against. What nonsense. We're better than that.

Where does gyrda come from? From the author who decided to introduce the term. Virtually all Gloranthan jargon is misplaced simply because it has been taken out of its original cultrual/religious context and transplanted to a make-believe world.

And, if you really believe that we are better than that then you haven't been following the Gloranthan on-line Digests closely enough. It's my experience that we are absolutley not better than that :-)

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