Re: Where does 'gyrda' come from?

From: Stephen <stephenmcg_at_Z7l33ySJgEPK7PCIqWBEyYTCS_SifeFwvgM0jNdQi0EUJYZ6KSKE1v27Dtu7mImho>
Date: Sun, 20 Jul 2008 13:33:39 +0100

Simon Phipp wrote:
>Look at ILH2 which is totally incomprehensible in parts.

See, I'd agree with this. I didn't get into ILH2 at all and am working hard to use it for my purposes of introducing players to the Lunar Empire without requiring them to take night classes. :-)

Simon Phipp wrote:
>How many words for Initiate or Priest do we really need? Sure,
>many of the terms are subtly different or don't represent exactly
>the same idea, but too many terms is just downright confusing.

But here I disagree (to an extent). I dont want too many generic terms for priests but my groups had great fun with the various terms for rune levels in RQ2 - Wind Lord, Death Lord etc. Very easy to have lots of individual terms that people are likely to use in the streets of Pavis rather than the eoteria that the Grey Sages would revel in over a cup of warm milk....



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