Re:"Don't mention the gyrda!"

From: David Weihe <blerg2_at_-38IVLiYW4-K-c9alNFKGH22JihqCverRHxOsVJkrDkqO1fVP-V-Xz17awPVs9hJN8YRb>
Date: Tue, 22 Jul 2008 16:03:58 -0700 (PDT)

On Mon Jul 21, 2008 6:10 pm (PDT), "John Hughes" <> wrote:

Well, actually, he wrote a whole lot, and it should probably have gone to the Immoderate Digest (, for those brave enough to lurk as I usually do), instead. Picking out what he meant and what he wrote ironically is an exercise I leave to his personal friends or personal presence, ideally with beer. I wish that I didn't habitually delete messages with nothing that terribly interests me, like the mistakes in deriving gyrda from Icelandic to English, or its exact plural, or why RQ/HQ has too much math to handle (I started roleplaying with Chivalry And Sorcery; THAT required math, and Rolemaster was even worse), or is too complex in some other fashion, so I cannot see what he was commenting upon, anymore.

Just one thing. How can Glorantha and ducks be an 80's ghetto, when I started playing it in 1978? One player even rolled up a duck, until he realized their statistical limitations, and rolled up a human, instead (except that every stat, save SIZE, was the same or lower the second time). Zynorn Duck-Friend was played for a number of sessions, until an unfortunate encounter with a gorp reduced him to NPC status, where he ran the store that several PCs had a share in, and were supplying. Sure, not Sartar-appropriate, any more than the Great Troll, ph0q, in the group, but we were in civilized Pavis, where sheep and cows have no fear of the fate worse than death, except from broos.                   

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