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Date: Wed, 23 Jul 2008 09:38:08 +1000

On 23/07/2008, Stewart Stansfield <> wrote:
> In the spirit of naught but being anti-reductionist... I actually quite
> like(d) the differences between the 'old' HeroQuest magic systems.

I liked the idea, but I was less fussed on the execution.

I found the misapplied magic rules to be nothing more than a pointless cock-punch myself for people interested in cross-cultural societies (like the poor Aeolians).

If HQ had a simulation-based design agenda then it would make a lot of sense; but I don't see HQ as having that sort of agenda. Mis-applied magic seemed to me like it was backsliding to the days of AD&D's "you need to have great stats to have a powerful character class". It might make sense "in the real world" (you need good stats to get a good job...) but it makes for an irritating and punitive game.

On another tack:

> Err, what existential crisis are we having? I guess I missed out
> on such things as a teenager in the 1960s. I can see a 1970s
> influence on Glorantha but that's because it's when a lot was
> first published.

1990s for me, and for what it is worth I find Glorantha pretty damn interesting still... maybe it is because I cannot discern a lot of the references to the Time Before Time (i.e. 1980 for me...) without the aid of a Californian translator (Me: "Howard the who?").


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