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> Good to know! Although by the sound of it Illumination is a bit more
> crap than I had first imagined. I'd thought it would trump other
> soul-altering stuff, like secrets and help to reveal the illusion of
> seperation of entities as well as otherworlds...

While it doesn't help at the 50%+ time resource level (Devotion, primarily), the people it helps best (in HQ1) are the users of common magic - they can use any common magic as real abilities, rather than augment-only. It also helps heroes who go to the various Otherworlds- a Lunar-Illuminated Orlanthi (should one choose that path) wouldn't have any penalty in Sorcery Town during the Lightbringer's quest, frex.

So those Lunar illuminates, even if they don't Devote to more than one Immortal, can still go play around in other people's myths (Death of Pharaoh, anyone?) and explore the Mythic Cosmos with no need to worry about the Otherworld penalties. Really, they're on their way to becoming the next GodLearners, except the Moon falls (or turns White, or is eaten by a dragon, or...) first.

Lunar Illumination isn't something to play around with your faith, like Nysaloran/RQ Illumination allows. It's a different beast (and there are probably many other "Illuminations" running around, by other names, with other benefits and disadvantages). Illumination, in any version, is "Mysticism for Dummies" and seen by "true" mystics as flawed, error-prone and leading people deeper into the world instead of away from it. It is definitely *not* any path to true mystic enlightenment, no matter what the Riddler says.

As far as Misapplied Worship goes, something that is mentioned in the rulebook - but not really examined in any book or scenario since - is that there is rampant charlatanary in Glorantha - people promising the moon and stars and delivering dung and piss. Most of these false religions are misapplied worship of something, giving a little reqward in return for worship-energy - the Aeolians simply managed to make it big and pawn their delusions off on an entire population. I'd love to se scenarios with fake religions as major or minor foci of the adventure. During the Fimbulwinter of Orlanth is dead I'm sure that many people turn to anyone promising a return of magic, not just to the lunars. It would be a religious free-for-all in dragon pass and environs for Storm Tribe worshippers, desperate to do anything to make the crops grow and animals prosper.

Worship this 5-armed snake goddess and we'll be able to grow bittergrass? Okay, whadda we needa do? Who cares that we only know how to worship gods and the 5-armed Snake Goddess is really a Spirit? The Priest of the 5-armed Snake Goddess says that we have trouble reaching her because she is imprisoned by the Sapphire Elephant of Lower Teshnos. But if we worship, we get to eat!

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