Sun Dome & Society in the Provinces

From: ileskela <ileskela_at_pj54npmNcxzTPZD6y2bOnOZuqEtRRlcgGhPPr7BmWIe3QvAN2XjBW2H9wC2CaxW7MUz>
Date: Wed, 23 Jul 2008 10:02:07 -0000

There are several Sun Dome temples in the Lunar Provinces, most of them in Aggar and Holay. The society in these regions, if I've understood it correctly, is still largely tribal. The Examples of Prax & Sartar Sun Dome temples suggests that Yelmalite society is not predominantly tribal, but organized around the temple hierarchy.

And now to my questions:

What is the connection between clans, tribes and Sun Dome temples in the Lunar Provinces? Are the Sun Dome temples embedded in the tribal society, or are they separate societal entities amid tribal society?

Thanks for any insights. :)


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