Re: Where does 'gyrda' come from?

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Date: Wed, 23 Jul 2008 03:27:04 GMT

In message <> "John Machin" writes:

>I am still confused by what Illumination does, mechanically.
>This may be something for the Rules list, but I figured that there is
>a perspective that is most present on this list that informs those
>rules - and also I don't want to engage in complicated cross-posting
>(I seem to be good at messing up email if I do anything more than hit
>Illumination says that it removes some of the (artificial) limitations
>between the otherworlds. It allows a person to act as if they were
>concentrated in the appropriate otherworld, whatever that otherworld
>actually is.
>I am curious if it breaks the rules for "devotion" (or devotion-like
>dedication such as ordination) too? Does it allow for more than one
>Secret to be learned?
>In addition to this: why does (or doesn't) it do this?

I see Lunar illumination as a step beyond ordination. A character can follow a particular immortal as a novitiate or ordinate depending on their commitment and status. To become immortal however they must step beyond the limitations of the immortal they have followed and introduce something new and different. An example is Senthera who was an ordinate of HonEel who developed sufficent of her own magic to be immortalised. To do that requires the character to be illuminated.

I see no reason why an illuminated character couldn't learn another secret provided it is compatible with the path they are creating. There's no room in the Lunar pantheon for an immortal with a ragbag of magic which doesn't relate to a social function. They just won't be worshipped. Collect together the magic needed to grow the finest grapes in Peloria and you'll become the immortal winegrower. Maybe you do that by combining the magic of the Dara Happen winegrowers with HonEel's maize magic to produce a blood red wine.

I'm not sure where you get the idea of illumination removing some of the limitations of the various worlds from. Lunar illuminates are generally restricted to the Red Moon as their otherworld and operate at a penalty in the god, spirit and essence worlds.

What illuminates as described in RQ are and do is a separate matter which I can't comment on as I've not seen a recent description. It is pretty clear they are different in someways but may be similar in others.

Donald Oddy


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