Re: "Don't mention the gyrda!"

From: Alison Place <alison_place_at_g6VYYkw96KEirCMJ-CGoj1ZABKR-mTFBkOhacD0Vjl3PlEF5buG8w97Wq2KRJ0F>
Date: Wed, 23 Jul 2008 05:47:41 -0700 (PDT)

I can remember 'Hurdy-Gurdy Man' (Donovan), but this one - nope, it's utterly new to me! Any good?


<> wrote: Neil: ...has locked me in a frying pan,
And all the fishes swim away,
And say "Don't hassle us today,"
And try and stop me doing this,
As if I didn't know it's...

Nope, don't know what you're talking about. At all. In the slightest.  

How come you managed to find the lyrics while I didn't? You must a be a Google-Fu Supremo. Or you haven't "lost" your version of the vinyl like I have. Respeck'. Innit. Sam.                   

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