Trollball Boardgame at Continuum 2008!

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 Trollball boardgame at Continuum

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We, as a committee are proud to announce an exclusive limited edition for Continuum 2008 of the boardgame game 'Trollball: This is Not a Fair Game!'.

Lovingly crafted by Grégory Privat, with some fantastic illustrations by Rolland Barthelemy, this is the beautiful game.

There will be a very limited number on sale at the convention only so check out the Continuum trade stand.

Hey ! This is CONTINUUM 2008 ! And this is the second edition of the game... already ! I was so surprised when the CONTINUUM team asked me to make this new edition that I tried to temper their enthusiasm : I failed. This edition features two new teams : The Committee and The Guests. Colin Driver has worked with me on their statistics. So here we are : It's a convention game. Conceived at Continuum, born at Tentacles, raised at Chimeriade, released at Tentacles and now released again at Continuum !
Now : go play !
Grégory Privat

This is NOT a Fair Game!

THE GLORANTHAN ARMY is proud to release Trollball—"This is NOT a fair game", the Second Edition Continuum 2008 Convention fund-raiser boardgame!

Trollball is a game much like American football—the goal is to get the (live) portion of the ball (a trollkin) across the goal line. The athletes are allowed Weapons and giants act as referees, literally kicking players out of the game.

Each game is numbered. Quantities are limited.

The game is based on the original Trollball rules found in the Trollpack role-playing
supplement for Glorantha. It uses the rules system developed for the Tentacles 2007 Trollball Worldcup.

Designed by Gregory Privat, illustrated by Rolland Barthelemy. Components: 1 full colour rule book, 1 HUGE game board (a bit more than 60 cm by 120 cm), colour cardboard miniatures depicting the eight teams plus the two bonus teams in the game, colour counters, players sheets. Price: TBC.

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