Re: "Don't mention the gyrda!"

From: Alison Place <alison_place_at_Nnlxo5r5t1TEXaQ3d_JDqqwClg4cXkrZgNlULQEsGHXuwraMp0-6awXH3hLZQU_>
Date: Thu, 24 Jul 2008 06:26:08 -0700 (PDT)

Hi, Roderick,

    Yes, I knew when I wrote that the obvious challenge would be, "Well, why don't you try?" And you're right, I should. I did run a scenario at Tentacles last year. I have a scenario coming out (I hope) in the latest Zin Letters. That's planned for RopeCon, if all goes well. I've been editing (mostly for English usage) for Zin Letters and Tradetalk this year. Ian and I managed to get a freeform written for Tentacles this year, also. Most of that was actually my work. But that's not much output for 25 years as a RQer, or 30 years as a gamer, I agree.

    My main problem is usually a lack of really creative ideas, at least on my own. I feel much more comfortable as a collaborator. If Rick (or someone else) has a need for some help, drop me a line. I might well bite.

     The other major drawback, these days, is that I'm still a RQer. We've never converted to HQ, and my inability to use the new system would have to be offset by someone who does.

     Thanks for the encouragement.


> I'm sure that both Mongoose and Moon Design would be happy to get submissions from female authors - the problem is getting the women to send book ideas in!

> You want to see more women writing? Well, Alison, there *is* something *you* can do... [snip]

> It doesn't even have to be a full book submission - it may be that one or both of the companies are/could be open to compilation books, with different authors working on different chapters (that format works well for un-connected scenarios, cults, etc.). I know a lot of writers who got their start by working on a single chapter of a book, instead of trying to write a whole book out of the starting gate. [snip]


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