Re: female characters & Blood Over Gold

From: Toread DuDerysi <jakyer_at_1vHNuWdH67lD1UGKke8_VWewF6ac2tkgZ1qxySA3_VnZFeUQyj-_uzrhy2yHt8Ye3GVY8>
Date: Tue, 29 Jul 2008 13:35:45 -0000

Wenelia is filled with lots of little remnant cultures reduced to a few clans and that one one last valley that is all that remains of their once hugely important and self-evidently wonderful folk.

Personally, I think its a nasty place and needs some serious Lightbringer action, a resurgence and rethinking of the Trader Princes and their role, or some revival in kingship practices.


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