Re: female characters & Blood Over Gold - St. Endria

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Date: Tue, 29 Jul 2008 22:08:09 -0000

Good idea! I'll throw something in too, from my Wenelian PBEM game (although this one is a briefer sketch than was Uncle Tusk, as it is the cult of a currently less critical NPC).

Shevelje "Marks on Bark Woman"

This a small cult of women who keep what written records exist amongst the Wenelian clans. She was protected by Dokal Hairyman in the darkness, and helped him make some degree of peace with the plant men when times were at their worst, so that both sides survived.

She knows how to
harvest birch bark without killing trees, and keeps certain sacred records on birch bark scrolls. Cultists care to not kill birch trees is far from universal amongst wenelians, which is part of the reason that they are not universally well regarded. (much of the rest is disdain for written records).

Although outsiders have stronger literacy cults, Shevelje's cult has seen an upsurge in wealth in recent generations due to demand for good bark for record keeping from the trader princes (it is cheaper than imported paper, and lasts better in the damp climate), so some members are now quite wealthy and cosmopolitan.

Abilities taught: harvest birch bark, interpret bark markings, create bark markings, find lost secrets

Affinities: Mark on Bark, appease plant-man

Note: can be taken as a sub-cult of Ernalda the healer, where it grants the appease plant-man affinity and the interpret bark markings ability. This version is mostly seen further east in Wenelia where Esrolian influences are stronger.            

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