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Donald Oddy:

> Now you could argue that there should be one woman saint for all the
> occupations which default to male.

There is: Saint Elleish. Well, she's actually a saint of female knights and wizards, so it's not *all* the the masculine professions, but she's very much in that direction.

> In which case she's going to be a
> very important saint

She is, yes.

> and really should have been documented before
> now.

The great majority of the Malkioni saints have yet to be formally published. Basically we have Talor, Gerlant, and Xemela, and, until BoG came out, that's about it (aside from the Prophets, of course). Having said which, Elleish did get a brief mention in Glorantha: Introduction to the Hero Wars (p. 41).

> However that seems a bit too Vinga like for me.

There is a certain similarity, yes. Although the social position is very different, Malkioni being different from Heortlings.

> I'm not suggesting that Malkioni Saints are moral exemplars. However
> they are role models - they show people how to do something - and
> the particular saints recognised tells us much about different
> societies.

Actually, I think many of them are moral exemplars, in that they show new ways to approach God that also happen to very moral (at least according to their followers). But, yes, the saints recognised do tell us a lot about different societies; Saints Falerine and Deelia are cases in point, being the Rokari and Hrestoli saints of noblewomen, and the differences between the two cults illustrating something about the attitudes of those two cultures.

Hopefully, this sort of thing will become clearer when Heroes of Malkion comes out.

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