Re: Glorantha Futures - A Cautious Appraisal

From: David Dunham <david_at_Rn4KaqgssiUbIpGJGKM2M6cb2qExb5fxRnlXiOVrsIzm8592zivON-02Rqr0AjKA3TrBG8>
Date: Sun, 3 Aug 2008 15:39:51 -0700

John (in an oddly formatted Digest post)

>I haven’t heard *anyone* mention a need for a new Sartar cults book.

Probably because they haven't seen the 2nd edition of HeroQuest. You, as an experienced Glorantha player, can certainly continue to use Thunder Rebels and Storm Tribe. But they don't make a good introduction if you're using the new, more streamlined Gloranthan rules.

Plus, I assume they're also an opportunity to add a little more detail to the new Gloranthan rules, which were constrained for space. (Not that this necessitated the streamlining!)

>a claim to make Redalda the ‘new’ baseline
>womens’ cult, based, as it turned out, on the
>experience of a single character in a single

First I've heard of this, and I assume the character in question was mine. We *never* considered Brenna as a typical character


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