Re: Glorantha Futures - A Cautious Appraisal

From: Rick Meints <rjmeints_at_5r2VLexZbvIuRnPcn_VjuX_PHB6E04OSiuNXyGmK-AJLajMo29xJ2ZjDMu3eVK1MFgv>
Date: Tue, 05 Aug 2008 10:06:09 -0000

I am flying home today after attending the fantastic and awesome Continuum convention. Many thanks to all, especially the committee for putting on such a wonderful weekend.

There are so many things in John's "cautious appraisal" to respond to that I will not be doing so any time soon, especially since I prefer to not respond vaguely or in anger, regardless of how much I profoundly disagree.

Rick Meints            

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