Re: Glorantha Futures - A Cautious Appraisal

From: Simon Phipp <soltakss_at_8SoGlKgLh-xPuXYdOtG-RydbwbQMilNwA_22pLRFpXKXlowJ87iNpD-erEgKr0KqVRg>
Date: Tue, 05 Aug 2008 20:54:27 -0000

John Hughes:

> Storm Tribe was by `Greg Stafford and Friends' The friends who
> co-authored the book included yourself, RRR, Jeff Kyer,
> me, David Dunham, Robin Laws, Andy Dawson, Ian Thomson, Bryan
> Otto Leppa, Julian Laws, David Millians,
> David Gordon, Janet Anderson, Clint Staples, Simon Phipp, Wesley

Thanks for including me, but it was probably Simon Bray. Either that or nobody told me I contributed and they owe me a free copy :-)

Most of your post was spot on, as usual.

I'd like to see more coming out for HeroQuest, but I am concerned that they are throwing the baby our with the bathwater and that a lot of the detail from Glorantha will be trampled under the hooves of HeroQuest 2.

See Ya


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