Re: Information, Authors and Lists

From: jclebreu <jclebreux_at_zU_V-b_NxcQnEZb9JhfZutmMa4fXUvdE0Q5hwCheqTP-Q4UbBNxyxOQu_QNa0K6gaX>
Date: Fri, 08 Aug 2008 08:47:52 -0000

> If you expect authors to keep this list updated,
> please prepare yourself for disappointment.

Nobody asked for something like that

> Authors do not have any responsibility to post news of
> their ongoing work, or anything else, with the list.

I never, never said that
Authors do a fantastic work !
I can't be an author, so I am admiring of their job :)

> It's a matter of time and priorities. Most authors do
> this work in their spare time, and if it comes to a
> choice of writing the book or writing *about* the
> book, then the former should always win if the author
> is serious about writing a book.
> When I was publishing, my constant advice to authors
> was to never write about their ongoing work--and
> especially never in a public forum, but to JUST WRITE
> THE MATERIAL. That alone is hard enough!! I estimate
> about 10% of the material that was proposed to me by
> potential authors was ever actually finished and
> submitted. *Once it's done* then the author has
> something about which to chat!

We know that. Nobody asked them to communicate

> As for the publisher having a "responsibility" to let
> us know what is in the works--well, he will want to do
> this more than be required to do this. But Moon Design
> is a small outfit.

It's hard but it's a part of the job as for all those who want to sell something

No communication + a "chaotical" publication policy (or not clear enough because of a lack of communication) = disappointment + discouragement            

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