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Many thanks Greg for taking the time to ansver this.

> I'm going to offer some replies, not from gamese, bu
> from my Gloranthan perspective.

Exactly what I was after.

> > Another obvious(?) source of demons are chaos
> > entities. I'd like more
> > guidelines for these, but at least I have some grip
> > on it.
> Gidelines concerning what?

I have a fairly good grip on what kind of entities the Dehori are. I'm not sure how I should deal with chaos demons.

Are there chaos demons that are not unique but would form a class of entities (I hesitate to call it a species)? When writing up demons, should I consider each chaos demon a unique entity instead, or can there be chaotic parallels to the demons (hell entities) native to Glorantha?

Are chaotic demons inherently more dangerous/deadly/feared than the non-chaotic demons (like the horse demons of Sir Ethilrist)?

> > But what about foreign daemons and spirits? In the
> > spirit of
> > misapplied worship, I suspect a sorcerer can summon
> > up a daemon as an essence.
> Can you clarify for me what you mean by "as an
> essence?"
> A sorcerer or wizard could summon a daemon, yes, but
> it would not change it into an essential being. Nor is
> he likely to think of it as such.

Misapplied worship seems be a case where a god (for instance) has a short of a shadow in the essence and spirit planes. There is a spirit and an essence version or side of the god that can be reached by venerator's and extatic worshippers. Maybe I've misunderstood this?

If the above is correct, then a sorcerer could summon up / encounter an essence version/shadow/manifestation of a daemon. One could presumably do misapplied veneration of Gavreninkin (the cat). Gavreninkin (under a different name) would then appear as an essence creature (saint?) to the worshippers. Wouldn't a sorcerer be able to summon up such a creature as well?

If he/she can do that, how different would that manifestation of Gavreninkin be to the one called up by a heortling clan worshipping him in a theistic manner?


Thank you in advance :)


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