Re: Moon Design Update on many things

From: continuum2008 <Continuum2008_at_iMOu97OwmmdNYYusEBxr7y8S6VUPb-OOZYor7LImAjXP0uLYrVwOnxtjCA9RnA>
Date: Sat, 09 Aug 2008 22:10:34 -0000

Rick Meints wrote:
> Podcasts of the seminars related
> to the HQ2 book should be on the web shortly, and many thanks go to
> Darran Sims for heroicly recording and preparing them.

I wouldn't go that far!

The first of the Continuum 2008 podcasts is up! One Man and his Dice

'The Future of Glorantha'
This was recorded at Continuum 2008 at John Foster Hall, University of Leicester, Manor Road, Oadby, Leicester, UK on Saturday 2nd August 2008 at 10:00 in the Oakham Seminar Room.
Covering new and future products from Moon Designs and Mongoose Publishing plus a discussion on the current state of Glorantha as a game setting. Panellists were Ian Cooper, Simon Bray, Jamie `Trotsky' Revell, Jeff Richard, Rick Meints, Matthew Sprange, Greg Stafford, and Lawrence Whitaker. Addtional discussion points by David Scott.

Running Time: 01:27:32.


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