Re: Examples of the feminine side of the Lunar Empire?

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Date: Sun, 10 Aug 2008 17:17:41 -0000

"Valkoharja" wrote:

> I intend to have a clear majority of important cult leaders, magicians
> and administrators (yes, satraps too) be female in my own game, but I
> don't really know if that is true in the offiscial Glorantha. I do
> remember that most Lunar's I've seen written up in the offiscial
> material seem to have been male.

In my game, the satraps, and other regional officials are appointed according to local rules, as part of the Empire's overall theme of cultural assimilation. Since many of them are of Dara Happan ancestry, that makes them male - indeed, the only large numbers of female rulers are going to be in Darsen and in heavily Lunarised regions (such as Blessed Torang and Silver Shadow).

Having said that, at least IMG, a high proportion of Lunar cult officials are, indeed, women. In my version of Joranit, four of the eight Lunar leaders in the city are female, which seems a fair balance to me - and the Lunars are more about balance than feminism per se.

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