Re: Examples of the feminine side of the Lunar Empire?

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> I intend to have a clear majority of important cult leaders, magicians
> > and administrators (yes, satraps too) be female in my own game, but I
> > don't really know if that is true in the official Glorantha.

> I do not think that even half of the positions of leadership
> across the empire are in female hands, and in no way is half the
> made up of women. Women are often leaders in the Lunar cults, but
not in the
> old traditional cults.

In my city-based Lunar campaign, the male leaders are generally in charge of the military and the civil government, while the female ones are generally heads of the Lunar cults. While these top Lunars are equally divided in gender terms, those across the city as a whole are not - since they include old-style Dara Happans and Carmanians, among others. So this seems to fit with Greg's vision - but YGWV, of course.

Darsen, from what I gather, is unusual, in that it has always had a predominance of female rulers, even in pre-Lunar times.

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