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"Counterbalance" sounds like the other side (of the moon) to me. The quiet tail-side to Takenagi's head-side of the coin. I suppose most people focus on the bright emperor and don't see the necessity for the counterweight; they might fail to conceive of the consequences were she to disappear.

This from the least moon-ish scholar, so please excuse any ignorance.


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Yes, she is immortal. But unlike the Emperor, she has not been killed and resurrected several times. We know that Takenegi is a collective figure, made up of or created by or consisting of parts of many representatives (the egi). The Great Sister was just born to a woman from the lineage of Cerullia, or may have been a daughter of Teelo Estara (or maybe both!) Or maybe she just appeared, I am not sure.

She is the counterbalance to Takenegi. She is his co-equal in all things, but she humbly declines to to counteract his running of the government, no matter how stupid or suicidal he might be. She is the head of a large, largely unrecognized organization of women and men who work to maintain the true ideals and objectives for Sedenya. They do not head any Associations or Leagues, but are members of many. A (very) few of the heads of Sedenyic cults are overtly members of her organization. But most people don't see much reason for her, do not know what she does at all, and many consider her a fraud, empty waste of time and power, or a dead weight dragging down the success of the Empire.

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