Re: Statuary

From: Jeff Richard <richaje_at_UCD4-NlW8rJE9pskBdNub0rvy-XQAnvePBsck4tzQRIN8te3Zc9jah-85UhiuKsfL50Q>
Date: Tue, 12 Aug 2008 05:14:26 -0000

> I would remind everyone that carving images and idols is a time-honored
> tradition, and that dedicated artists will naturally imbue the
stone, wood
> or water with a touch of the entity being honored. "Carving" here
means any
> form or creation, for chisel and mallet is one way, but statues have
> drawn from stone or even the air by people singing, dancing, fighting or
> making love.

See the Esrolia book for some good examples of this.

> Other statues are beings "frozen" into that state, perhaps by being
> conquered (temple guardians) or by the sheer magnificence of their magic
> (Sedenya left a moonstone image of herself, double life size, after her
> Great Blessing in Raibanth, just before her ascent as the Red Moon. She
> walked away, but left that part of herself behind.)
> Some statues make themselves, like the monstrous Lodril and Oria
that are
> worshipped in Dakortas.
> Some, like the Great Raiba in Raibanth, are the living entity itself!

And so that statue of the Red Emperor in Pavis with one foot atop a crouching barbarian (Praxian) and the breastplate showing the gods and goddesses crowning his mother, that statue may well be an extension of the Emperor himself. Beware what you do in the Founders Market, for the Red Emperor is watching!


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