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Date: Tue, 12 Aug 2008 08:29:20 +0100

And the carved gargoyles, let's not forget them.

On Tue, Aug 12, 2008 at 6:14 AM, Jeff Richard <> wrote:

> > I would remind everyone that carving images and idols is a
> time-honored
> > tradition, and that dedicated artists will naturally imbue the
> stone, wood
> > or water with a touch of the entity being honored. "Carving" here
> means any
> > form or creation, for chisel and mallet is one way, but statues have
> been
> > drawn from stone or even the air by people singing, dancing, fighting or
> > making love.
> See the Esrolia book for some good examples of this.
> > Other statues are beings "frozen" into that state, perhaps by being
> > conquered (temple guardians) or by the sheer magnificence of their magic
> > (Sedenya left a moonstone image of herself, double life size, after her
> > Great Blessing in Raibanth, just before her ascent as the Red Moon. She
> > walked away, but left that part of herself behind.)
> > Some statues make themselves, like the monstrous Lodril and Oria
> that are
> > worshipped in Dakortas.
> > Some, like the Great Raiba in Raibanth, are the living entity itself!
> And so that statue of the Red Emperor in Pavis with one foot atop a
> crouching barbarian (Praxian) and the breastplate showing the gods and
> goddesses crowning his mother, that statue may well be an extension of
> the Emperor himself. Beware what you do in the Founders Market, for
> the Red Emperor is watching!
> Jeff

Pete Darby

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