Alone "City" & Surroundings

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Date: Sun, 17 Aug 2008 20:01:21 -0000


I've been pondering how the "city" of Alone (in Northern Sartar, i.e. Far Place) would look like around 1620. I'd be happy for any insights. For a teaser, you might take a look at my vision, here:

The settlement is home to 500 people, and it never had more than about 1000 people. It was found in 1583 by Prince Terasarin to accomodate refugees/exiles from Tarsh, and raided and half burned by Harvar Ironfist's troops when they crushed the Righteous Wind Rebellion around 1612.

I picture the "city" has a very rural character, with long houses, cottages, garden plots, etc. The buildings will not use all the space inside the walls, leaving room for gardens, grazing - and some ruins. The Lunar & Yelmalian/Harvarite presence can be seen in some larger, walled blocks and the Lunar Villa.

I picture the walls and gates are quite sturdy, trying at least to look like a real sartarite city.

Also, the location of the settlement probably has some mythical & historical remains: in the case of my map, these are from the Vingkotling and EWF eras. (In my map, the low bend of the hills actually is a wall of a Vingkotling ring fort, and the hill/structure in the southern wall of Alone was erected by the EWF, "conquered" or "tamed" by the city founders, and is left untouched by the citizens today.)


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