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>> extant temples: 1 in Sartar, 1 in
>> > Prax, 1 in Tarsh, 3 in Holay, 1 in Imther, 4 in Aggar, 1 in Talastar, 1
>> in
>> > Sylila, 1 in Vanch, 1 in Balazar.

>> Then it might mean that Harvar's Aldachur Temple is not "true" Sun Dome.
> Hu, yea, I never noticed that!
> Although it is one, as we know. There has been plenty written about it,
> and
> I saw Mark G's picture of it, so we know it is there!
> So there must be

In Older text of RQ3rd Sun County, IIRC, 15 temples exist in "South Peloria".
But my reference is a translated Japanese Edition.

>> In EWF chapter of "History of Heortling Peoples", I found the
>> description
>> of a city called Domanand = "Dome"land.
>> I assume it was a Yelmalion=Tharkantus city in 2nd Age.
> I do not translate Domanand as Dome Land.

History of Heortling Peoples p.43 "EWF History" <<c.750. SAIRD IS CONQUERED
The fortress of Domanand and surrounding lands conquered by the "EWF". The Sun Dome Temples become a major military arm of the Empire. These events are remembered in the Lament of "Domeland", a collective composed by several poets who survived.>>

Hmm, it might not be written by Greg.

> And they worried much about dark fate of their god in Hero Wars and Grand
> Argrath Campaign....
> History SAYS that Yelmalions will perish again.

History repeats itself, of course, sometimes. :-)


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