Re: Sun Dome & Society in the Province

From: ileskela <ileskela_at_NckNRP8C6cP-HwNBUS4jkWpHhWF-rVLTzX4AQu9cRG0biAJn0YE0e-w6BORy3OFM08m>
Date: Wed, 20 Aug 2008 13:43:16 -0000

Previous discussion:
> > > Then it might mean that Harvar's Aldachur Temple is not
> > > "true" Sun Dome.

> > Hu, yea, I never noticed that!
> > Although it is one, as we know. There has been plenty written
> > about it, and I saw Mark G's picture of it, so we know it is
> > there!

Jeff Richard wrote:
> Of course there is an Aldachur Temple. But it might be of
> more recent origin - not one of the old Daysenerus temples
> or even a Tharkantus temple - perhaps even something constructed
> in our lifetime.

Personally, I dig what John Hughes has revealed of the cult of Yelmalio in Alda Chur (in Questlines and old Digest mails). It's stunningly rich in myth, and I hope to see it in print one day soon. [Hint! :)]


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