Re: Longevity and immortality in Glorantha

From: Chris Lemens <chrislemens_at_2UYVbJAJ4E3vpOKsTg4sqZt9IhxEkDkTLzen_9jzbgqZNDc412b_ua5VEwxaHtNK>
Date: Thu, 21 Aug 2008 14:35:21 -0700 (PDT)

> In Kralorela people probably consume pearls and mercury in the
> style of ancient china (not talking about the mystics here, but more
> ordinary mortals trying to cheat death).
In old RQ terms, there was an immortality sorcery spell. (Actually, I don't know whether this was in The Rules or just in Sandy's rules.) The way it worked was that you had to put one point more into the ritual than the number of years you had previously cast it. (So, if you had cast it successfully for 30 years, the next year would require 31 points of spells.) If you succeed, you don't age for the next year. If you fail, all the aging catches up with you. Re-casting it afterwards just stops the aging process anew (if you survived.)  
Things I like about this:
1.    It takes ever-increasing ability to continue to pull it off, which probably means a larger and larger group of helpers (which explains the immortal emperor's organizing skills).
2.    It's a ritual, so you need lots of hard-to-get goodies (water from the fountain of youth, etc.). That requires underling to find and fetch them.
3.    Failure is pretty spectacular. ("Oops." <poof> Dust settles to the floor.)
I have no idea how to transition that to HQ. Maybe the target number goes up every year? The thing is that it is not all that hard in RQ to cast up to a 21 point sorcery ritual once per year. But every step past that is harder because you have to pull the points in from elsehwere. But the difference between a 30- nd a 31-point spell is about the same difference as between a 100- and 101-point spell. That really not true with HQ target numbers. In particular, there seems to be a cap at the point that things become godlke. Each mastery is 20 points, so raising the target number by 1 every year would mean than someone with an extra 200 years of longevity had at least 10 masteries. That does not seem sensible to me because it is insufficiently heroic. I'd want some people walking around who are nearly a millenium old. So, maybe something that relies on the order of magnitude would work. I'd use the magical number 7, of course. 1 yr     1w4
2 yrs   4w4
. . .
6 yrs    16w4
7 yrs    1w5
14 yrs   2w5
. . .
42 yrs    16w5
49 yrs    1w6
98 yrs    4w6
So, to be as old as the sun, you need 10w7. I'd want it to be approximately demigod level, but I don't remember where that is, so maybe it needs to go up by a mastery. Chris Lemens            

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