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>The Loskalmi have learned the art of physically building spells as

I think this practice is much older than the Loskalmi and goes way back to the ancient Kachasti who explored concrete reality*. Throughout Malkionism there are various Kachasti buildings such as monasteries or sorcerous towers that have similar properties - to bring about a greater closeness to the Invisible God or mastery over the Cosmos.

Where the Loskalmi differ, I think, is that they have expanded the practice from its original religious or philosophical purpose into a secular practice to enhancing the might of the kingdom.

--Peter Metcalfe

*the main relic of Kachasti magic is the concept of Talismans.

> That is, instead of waving your hands and chanting, or
>whatever, you can build the magical pattern into masonry and have it
>sit there as long as the masonry stands and devotional energy
>continues to pour in from worshippers and loyal citizens. This
>includes preservation spells (among other things) that greatly
>elongate the life of the nobility.
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